Customer Testimonials

Facebook 05/22/2017 (Jon Curtis)

I have booked several cruises with Jimmie Mattingly .. Some were with a previous travel company ( World Travel Holdings ie: Cruises(dot)com ) .. I always had a great trip each and every time.. The smallest details were covered.. and always had a perfect vacation.. THEN.. Jimmie Mattingly left WTH and cruises(dot )com.. I booked not one but two cruises with cruises(dot)com ( booked at the same time ) .. on both cruises we did NOT receive our onboard credits that was promised .. I had issues with pricing and room assignments .. I wasn’t aware of ALL of the things that Jimmie had actually done for me in the background . Going forward I will ONLY book with Jimmie Mattingly.. His attention to detail is Fantastic ..


Facebook 05/22/2017 (Patty Foster)

Jimmie has been booking cruises for me and my family for several years now but with another company. After he left, I didn’t have a designated “cruise consultant” with the company & had to call numerous times to make sure things were taken care of. I could always depend on Jimmie to come up with the best deals and the best rooms! The worse thing I ever did was book a cruise on his day off because his old company said the sale was ending at midnight. When I called to let him know, he pointed out that the cruise was ending in Puerto Rico & not coming back to Florida. He had to call Carnival and wave his magic wand to unbook us & re-book us on one leaving & returning to the same port! I just booked my 1st cruise with his new company. As usual, he took his time & made sure I got the best deal & room. I am so happy he is back to being my “travel consultant!


Facebook 03/17/2017 (Josephine McAfee)

Jimmie had been our booking agent in the past and we even referred our retired friends to book through him when he was working at one of the big and reputable travel agency. Jimmie is very personable, patience, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The most important for a professional is getting back to others promptly and in a timely manner, and Jimmie is one of them. He is so understanding when you presented him our budget and will go above and beyond to make us feel that we are important and make our trip pleasant and more than what we asked for. We trust Jimmie and would definitely recommend him and our friends and others. Jimmie will not let you down! Thanks Jimmie for making our trips enjoyable and affordable.


 Facebook 03/08/2017 (Bart Pilarski)

Quick shout out to Jimmie and iJourneyTravel. No one looks out for his customers like Jimmie. Jimmie uses all his connections and tries all avenues to save money for those booking with him. Anyone can get online and spend an hour of his or her time researching hotels, flights, and finally booking a vacation. Why do it though? Jimmie will spend probably his whole day trying to find the best deal, get it all booked for you and guaranteed will find a better deal and save you money. Booked vacations with Jimmie before, just booked again, and planning yet another for later in the year. Many of my friends travel with me and my family, they have now booked through iJourney as well and we all recommend this travel agency to everyone. Thanks again Jimmie.


Facebook 02/25/2017 (Simone A.)

Cruise time can’t come soon enough each year for 2 reasons – I get to escape home and enjoy my cruise, and I don’t have to stress myself out when it’s time to book. Why am I not stressed? I (my family and I that is) have Jimmie on our side, looking out for the best deal for us. We actually “met” Jimmie quite by accident. We booked our first cruise through a source other than Jimmie, and while we enjoyed the cruise, we felt that the booking experience could have been better. We called a number to get information on booking our next cruise, and who did we “meet”? Jimmie of course. We had 2 million questions and changes, and Jimmie was right there with us, answering our questions, and working to make sure that all the changes we wanted to make worked out for us. I can’t begin to sing enough of Jimmie’s praises to you. He is very professional, knows his business, is friendly and most importantly, has my best interests at when I call him to make a booking. I have not once been disappointed or had any complaints about Jimmie in n the 5 years that we’ve worked with him. Jimmie is definitely the man to call to book your next vacation.


Facebook 02/25/2017 (Dele A.)

I’ve had the pleasure of having Jimmie as our travel agent on several cruises with Carnival. While it was Shear luck on how we connected with Jimmie when trying to book a cruise but ever since we did, his excellence towards customer satisfaction has been remarkable. We feel very comfortable with him – his knowledge and extra care towards helping to manage our travel experience has been second to none. He is pleasant to work with and I will gladly recommend his service with ijourneytravel without any reservation.

Facebook 08/11/2016 (David Kay)

Thanks so much JiMMie Mattingly for making our vacation so wonderful. Nothing was ever a bother to you
You truly went above and beyond as our Travel Agent to make this just perfect.
People if you are looking for a Travel Agent that’s honest, friendly and looks out for the best deals for you then you have come to the right person, his website is & Phone # is (864) 663-7077.  JiMMie you’re the best.   Kind Regards David Kay


Facebook 08/12/2016 (Margaret Cox)

I would not go anywhere else to book my travel. JiMMie Mattingly is always onto the best deals and goes that extra mile to make it a truly amazing vacation.  We can’t thank you enough JiMMie for how much effort you put into making things perfect. Can’t wait to collaborate with you on our new adventure.. his website is & Phone # is (864) 663-7077  Thanks so much – Margaret Cox